Hepatitis B and C Protect yourself and your family

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Create multi-lingual health information leaflets for people offered hepatitis B and C testing

This tool allows you to create a multi-lingual leaflet for people offered screening for chronic viral hepatitis. Any combination of two languages can be chosen, including all European languages and the languages spoken by most people who migrated to Europe from endemic areas.

The output format is A4, which can then be folded into a 4 page leaflet. The cover lists the 5 main messages supported by graphics. The inside pages contain information on the follow topics:

  • What is hepatitis?
  • Why get tested?
  • Will you have legal problems if you test positive?
  • How could you have caught hepatitis B or C?

The back of the leaflet includes maps of the worldwide prevalence of chronic hepatitis B and C and offers space to include organisation specific information. You can add your organisation’s name and logo(s), and add text boxes with custom headings to include other information like contact info, details on the locations and times testing will be offered, and any other information that you want to appear on the leaflet.

If you prefer a larger font, for best results please select a single language version.

You can download a sample leaflet here.

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